PCB Fabrication

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication is a process by which all of the layers are created using photolithography and chemical etching.

The layers are stacked together in a Laminate Press and through pressure and heat, are pressed together permanently.

The board then goes to drill, to create all of the vias and then is plated so the top, bottom and any inner layers are electrically connected.

The board top and bottom images are created and etched and then the solder mask and silk screen are applied. Now you have a board.

BTI works with outside PCB Fabricators using electronically transmitted Gerber and fabrication data.

To ensure quality and maintain on time delivery, we work with a small number of BTI qualified PCB fabricators and in our effort to supply the highest quality PCBs, all of our boards are 100% electrically tested

PCB Fabrication
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